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What is bodiBase?

Innovative shapewear that works as a comfortable base layer for fitted outfits, keeping your clothes were they should be!




Thank you for checking out bodiBase. We are really excited to introduce you to our first range of sports solution underwear.


Why is it solution underwear?


Why settle for just any underwear when you can have intelligent underwear which multitasks with you?


bodiBase is extremely comfortable as it prevents outer clothing entering the cleft in the crotch area of a woman (cameltoe) - a problem no one likes to talk about.

This embarrassing and uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction can affect any woman, whether you’re at the gym, at the office or rocking your favourite skinny jeans in the club.

This mishap is not only uncomfortable, but has been proven to ‘Contribute to the frequency of UTIs leading to bladder infections and yeast infections’- Dr Gina Gora, M.D.,PLLC A.B.F.M


bodiBase also protects against odour-causing bacteria and is thermo-regulating